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Research laboratory

The activity of Research Laboratory Signal Cert started in March 2014, basing on its former lab Movares Poland.

The main objective of the laboratory is to impartially and reliably conduct the research based on independence and high quality service.

Compliance with standards

The research works are carried out in accordance with the applicable European standards in the field of equipment and control rail systems (EN 5012x) and with the European rules of conformity assessment of products and equipment in the field of rail transport.


Many years of laboratory staff experience enable the professional approach to modern equipment and control systems of rail transport, including both the trackside infrastructure (point machine) and computer systems for remote control and traffic control as well as control of train operation and modern station systems and line block.

Research capability

The scope of the laboratory’s accreditation includes:
technical tests:

  • electrical insulation
  • immunity to electromagnetic disturbances (EMC)
  • strength and immunity to various climatic conditions
  • forces, in particular in the point machines

functional and safety tests of the systems and devices:

  • railway stations interlocking systems
  • line block systems
  • railway crossing systems
  • train control
  • power supply system

Functional and security tests are carried out both in the laboratory and in the field.

Safety assessment

The Signal Cert laboratory offers services related to independent safety assessment devices and systems, research on the compliance of systems and devices of the infrastructure and rolling stock with the requirements of technical standards for interoperability (TSI) for domestic and foreign companies. Currently, the independent safty assessment (ISA) is included in the scope of accreditation of the certification body and is performed in accordance with the JCPR-04 technical safety certification program.